Thursday, 26 May 2011

English Course

English Course??

Ha ya. Im taking an English Course now at one of  the college here. Actually this is a short course and it have to be complete for 20 hours. You know what the fee for this is cheaper ever!! So, I have to take this opportunity rite? Ahaks. Hope I can finish it with excellent result and get a certificate.

Tonight is my second day attending the class. Im supposed update this last night but my verukband is so veruk. It so awesome. Im so impressed got a new friend. She ask me to call her Umi. She is 52 years old. But still got passion to learn English skill. Not bad ha.

Hope I can improve my English skill much more better.



  1. i oso interested tu take inglish kos... where the place... izit good?.. i hop i ken write n talk inglish...

  2. your england is powderful

  3. Time kasih atas ulasan Ma Yusof dan Tanpa Nama. English saye tak excellent dats y saye amek course. Dan memberanikan diri menulis di blog guna English rojak. Maybe byk kesalahan grammar atau juga ejaan. Tapi still juga mahu mencuba.

    Tapi tu la kan orang Melayu nih, bile ade orang nak belaja bahasa Inggeris dan cuba nak praktis, ade je yang nak PERLI dan GELAKkan kita. macam mana la nak maju dan pandai. kalu orang yang lemah semangat dah lama putus asa.

    but, I DONT GIVE A DAMN lah ;)

  4. you the best. keep up the good work ;)


terima kasih daun keladi :)

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