Monday, 18 April 2011

his name

bad time for baby, tak sehat

baby on Big Day

today is my off-day.
so, just plan to be at home for the whole day with my son.

Cheq. That is the name given by me. At first my hubby called him Ki Ki. But I dont really like it. So, my hubby ask me "nak panggil dia ape?". I like Sunan. So, I called him Sunan. Like Laksamana Sunan on my favorite book. Then, we called him for 1 day only.
My hubby complained " Sayang, payoh la nak pangey dio Sunan sebab dio tak paling pon".
Ha? Hermm. Im thinking again."Ok, kito pangey dio Cheq"
"Ha? Pok Cheq ko" my hubby asking again coz it similar name with my previous teddy
"Cheq je. Tak dop Pok" 
"Ok. Cheqqqqq.. ooooo.... cheqqq" my hubby start calling him with new name.
Im just smiling looking at both of them.

But, love among us grow so fast with naturally.
When he started live with me. I started call him "baby" panggilan manja
And plus got a special rhythm to in calling him
3 times with rhytym..
"babyyyy.. baby.... oooooo baaaaaaabbbbbyyyyyyyyyyy"
heheh.. then he will run to me

we live together
we eat together
we sleep together
we love each other

Notes : Ibu loved you, baby ;)

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