Saturday, 16 April 2011

bad day becomes a suprised

yesterday, not really spoiled my day but so called a terrible day. found something not good on my blog. then argument with old friend but he declared as ex-best friend. what the fish la weh. never heard before. coz for me, once we are being a friend then forever is a friend. on the way back home, again have to heard another news from my mum about back-stabber. owh gosh!! at home, try to converse with my old best friend but claiming again. fuhhhh!!! tired !!!!

but, Allah loves me more rite??
after Maghrib, went to uia. update my resume and pick up my sister. can say she is my best friend. sista-sista rite. after that, meet Chestnut Couple. They are so cute. we are having a dinner together. They came to send a copy of dvd for my reception. wehuuuu!!! then, quickly went home.

Finally, prepared myself for sleep. give feed to my baby. lay down on my bed and call my hubby. miss him much. line was hang-up. he called me back. he said out of place coz went for makan. then ok lah, he ask to drop a call again. suddenly, i heard from my window " Assalamualaikum sayang". owh!! blurrr a bit !! my brain was loading now tried to recognize the voice. I miss that voice much.

I just stand up and ran to the door, un-lock and jumped on him. Hugged him so much. I miss my hubby so much. It was so surprised after all. Thank you abang. You make my day. Love you more and more ;*

Note : Thank you Allah !!

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