Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Gift from Sweetie Marvic


ahhahahhaha. The stori is, last month, pada 27 Mac 2009. One of fellow blogger pass this award to me. Jeng..jeng !! She is Sweetie Marvic !!!

She got this award from the famous Kak Emila. Then, she passed this award to her fellow blogger,include ME !!! Hahahhaha. Tenkiu sweet Marvic!! ;)

Yup. Im still new here. Still learning. I love to write and like to share with everyone. But,still do have a 'lock of me'. Heeee. Write without specification. *wink*

Tenkiu pada mereka yang sudi visit my blog dan sudi kasi komentar.
Tenkiu so muchhhhhh !!!

notatangan : First time dapat award nih. Chayunkkk !!


terima kasih daun keladi :)

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