Friday, 6 August 2010

Offer Letter


Tadi saye chat ngan my gudfren, Eda the Warrior. I like to call that. Shes younger than me but more 'taiche' than me. We talk about our study. She just started continuing her study this year, will face the final exam this month. Godluck sweetie !!
And suddenly reminds me about my application. Straight away im checking through website. YES!!! Ive been offered to continue the bachelor course. Alhamdulillah. Im so happy.
Last time, I used to study at one of the IPTA, but almost been rejected coz not attending the exam. Wat a terrible me. End of last year, the big musibah happenned to me. Lost my control. Big blur some more. Tak mo ingat dah. Left behind. Shuhhhhh.. :'(
Become the new version of me !!


  1. Nak sambung belajar ke? Tahniah! Apa yang dah lepas, jangan dikenang. Just move ahead =)

  2. tere ke? huuhuhuh.. thanks :)

    by the way, i think i saw u and ida last few days kat lrt taman melati. kan??

  3. Mr.Blinkky : thanks !!

    Tanpa Nama : biarla rasia.. huhuh

  4. Congrats Iyda! All da best ye. Rajin-rajin la belajar... hehehe. I memang tabik pada 'spesis' yang rajin sambung belajar ni sbb I punya kepala hotak dah berkerak dah.

    Salam Ramadan dan selamat berpuasa! :D


terima kasih daun keladi :)

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